Metabolic Treatments

Metabolic Treatments Based on Specific Lab Panels:

By using specific blood tests such as a thyroid panel, complete metabolic panel, lipid panel, and a CBC (with auto differential), we can assess your thyroid, adrenal, and gut function. All three can be affected with chronic health conditions. By addressing any problems with your thyroid, adrenal glands, or gut function, we can help you to heal faster. We can check your blood glucose levels since glucose and oxygen are needed by the brain to function properly.

We may also test to see if you have an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease is where your immune system attacks a particular area of the body, so we test for specific thyroid antibodies to determine IF you suffer from an autoimmune condition.

We check hormone panels to determine if the patient suffers from low testosterone or low estrogen/progesterone levels.

Finally, we may need to test for inflammation in your system by testing homocysteine levels and C-Reaction protein. Many patients suffering from chronic health conditions suffers from inflammatory processes.

Once we have run the necessary tests to determine YOUR specific condition, we can successfully treat you via proper neurological and metabolic protocols.

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