Vibration Therapy

What is Vibration Exercise?

As Russian and American scientists raced to get astronauts into space over four decades ago, they both hit upon a unique way to keep space travelers from developing serious muscle atrophy in zero gravity. The techniques involved platforms that delivered intense vibrations throughout the body without pain or discomfort. These vibrations cause the muscles to tense and relax dozens of times per second, leaving them stretched and toned after just a few minutes. This technology for vibration exercises is now available at Complete Performance Sports Medicine to use on their patients suffering from a wide range of conditions. It can also have amazing results for athletes looking for a boost beyond their current training routine.

Why Should I Choose Professional Vibration Therapy?

Since consumers are always on the search for exercise equipment that takes the work out of exercise, many companies offer home versions of these vibration platforms. However, there are numerous reasons to choose professional treatment over your own direction. Clinical research showing that vibration exercise has real effects also shows that patients only need a few minutes of high intensity vibrations to see positive results. If you stay on the platform too long, you can damage your nerves and spine quite severely. The vibrations only help if administered for the right period. Our professionals at Complete Performance Center can ensure you don’t aggravate existing conditions or create new ones by trying to improve your overall health.

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