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Extracorporeal shockwave therapy or ESWT Therapy for short is where  we provide highly effective, non-invasive treatments that can eliminate pain and restore mobility. Our advanced therapy uses high energy sound waves that are applied to painful and injured areas of the body to dramatically stimulate healing and regeneration. By enhancing blood circulation and stem cell activity, ESWT helps to stimulate and improve your body’s own healing capability, resulting in faster, easier healing with no downtime.

ESWT is a stand alone or addition to our regenerative medicine program that includes exosomes and platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments. When paired with other supporting modalities like chiropractic care, massage, exercise rehab, and nutritional support, ESWT can provide a cost-effective and non-invasive option for treating musculoskeletal conditions that maximizes regenerative healing.

One of the many benefits of ESWT is that it is non-invasive, meaning there is no need for anesthesia, no risk of infection, and no scarring. It is a safe and effective treatment that has high patient satisfaction rates. ESWT can be used to treat a range of conditions including knee, heel, foot, ankle, and shoulder pain, as well as tennis and golfers elbow, back and neck pain, arthritis, and male erectile dysfunction (ED).

To perform ESWT, a gel is applied to the treatment area, and acoustic waves are then released over the treatment area through a wand placed over the treatment area. The number of treatments needed depends on the condition being treated, with many patients experiencing beneficial effects in only one or two treatments. Each treatment session takes between 5-15 minutes, making it a quick and convenient option for those looking to improve their quality of life.

ESWT has been studied and featured by more than 100 publications, including the American Journal of Sports Medicine, AMA, and Ortho Supersite. Join the many individuals who have already experienced the benefits of ESWT Therapy and schedule your appointment today!

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