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At Complete Performance Sports Medicine we are highly trained and offer specialized evaluation and treatment for all youth athletes. Our team has worked with athletes at the highest professional levels Our experience with high level athletes gives us a unique skill set and allows us to treat our patients in the same manner. We stress injury prevention as well as youth performance care to ensure they are prepared to compete at their highest level.

  • Dr. Alvarez
    Dr. Chris Alvarez DC
    Chiropractor Director

    As the founder and Executive Performance Specialist of Complete Performance Center, Dr. Chris Alvarez is dedicated to improving the quality of life for his athletes and patients. Dr. Alvarez has trained with industry leading physicians worldwide and has spent his career working with patients and professional athletes. He has been on the sport medicine teams of various sports venues including the Professional Rodeo Circuit, Extreme Games, Dew Tour, AVP Pro Volleyball, USA gymnastics, USA Taekwondo, Ironman Triathlon, and many more.

    To assist his clientele in achieving the perfect balance, Dr. Alvarez developed the Bio Kinetic Triad System based on his theory that optimum bio performance is only attained when there is balance to the Structure, Motion, and Function of the Human Anatomy. He is always striving to solve his patient’s health issues big and small. During his free time, he loves to play volleyball, watch sports, and work out. He gets the most enjoyment spending time with his amazing, wonderful wife Jesselyn and his two dogs.

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  • Nina
    Nina Bullicer
    Front Desk & Office Manager

    Nina is the Front Desk and Office Manager at Complete Performance Center. She's the first person who greets you before walking into your appointment. She's responsible for our office's front desk duties and micromanaging the office. Her responsibilities include: answering e-mails and phone calls, scheduling appointments, and welcoming patients. Also... she guides the patients to their rooms and gets them prepped either with a COLD PACK or HEAT PACK before Doc starts treatment and rehab.

    After treatment she's the one to check the patient out and make sure to schedule them for their next appointment. Nina takes care of all the office duties and makes sure she keeps the Doc on his toes. Her main goal is to ensure that the office operates smoothly and efficiently. 

    Nina was born and raised in Oxnard CA and attended Channel Islands High School. She graduated from Ventura College with an AA in General Studies and PT Aide Course. She's a LAKER fan and a SF 49ers fan. Let's Go! She loves music and has an eclectic taste in music from Motown, Disco, 70s, 80s, 90s to the early 2000s, he loves it all and also plays the guitar. She was a gymnast and started at the age of 8 that's when she met Doctor Chris. Her gymnastics team was one of the 1st sports teams Doctor Chris had worked with in his early years with the doctor treating her injuries and keeping her healthy Nina had 8 1/2 successful competitive elite years. She then transitioned to being a dancer in high school (Hip Hop & Coed Jazz) and did some Collegiate Dance with a group called PAC Modern in Long Beach California.  Nina later became a Collegiate Cheer Competitor at Ventura College. Let's Go Pirates! 

    She always says to the patients that she wouldn't have gotten that far actively if it wasn't for the help from Doctor Chris. Preventative care and strengthening is so important and this is why she works for Doctor Chris. She believes in what he does and how he helps heal people getting them where they want and need to be. With that being said 'ICE ICE BABY and Make sure you do your homework.'- Nina Bullicer

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  • Ryan
    Ryan Denihan
    Athletic Trainer, Head of Rehabilitation

    Ryan has a passion for optimizing an athlete’s potential and helping them excel at the sport they love. For over 20 years. Ryan has been involved in coaching, training, mentoring amateur, high school and professional athletes. His belief is that an athlete should strengthen their bodies on multiple planes.

    Ryan started his love of sports as a kid growing up in the west where he lettered in football, basketball, and track. After moving to California, he discovered his love for volleyball and after two years of playing was player achieving All-area/County/CIF and was a fab 50 recruit. Ryan continued his volleyball career at California State University Northridge. During his time playing at CSUN he realized that sport specific training was vital for optimizing athlete performance.

    Here at Complete Performance Center Ryan takes a very hands-on approach and provides a full circle specifically designed plan for his clients to unlock their full potential. He understands that being an athlete in today’s world isn’t a part time commitment but a full-time job. Whether you are a in 7th grade, high school, college, or competing as a professional athlete each plan needs to:

    - Be result focused

    - Sports science supported

    - Adaptable to the client’s needs

    - Injury prevention centric

    “Today most athletes are one sport dominate and play that one sport all year long. And because of this I see athletes that are suffering from faulty biomechanics. This leads to increase load on joints, ligaments and muscles and will result in joint pain and injury if it is not addressed early.”

     'To help minimize this we identify an individual weakness and develop a specific athlete centric plan to improve performance, biomechanics and lessen the risk of injury.'

    It is this passion combined with his experience and education that make him a vital part of the CPC team. In Ryan’s free time he enjoys any outdoor activities including volleyball and hiking. But most of all he loves being a father to his 2 amazing children.

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  • cpc staff
    Drew Olin
    Athletic Trainer

    Drew grew up in a small town outside of Sacramento, CA with a passion for playing sports at a young age. After high school, Drew went on to play 2 years of college soccer at Feather River Community College before attending Humboldt State University to receive his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. He then attended Montana State University-Billings to receive his Master of Science in Athletic Training. Drew has experience working with high school and collegiate athletes in football, basketball, soccer, softball, and wrestling. He also worked with the professional soccer team Sacramento Republic FC before graduating. During his free time, Drew enjoys working out, hiking, camping, and going on adventures. Drew’s passion is to help people live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

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  • Scott
    Scott Mortensen PA
    Physician Assistant, Clinic Director

    Scott has been an invaluable addition to Complete Performance Sports Medicine delivering surgical and non-surgical interventions for regenerative medicine including spinal cord stimulation, stem cell injections and regenerative aesthetics. Scott is a man of many talents he has summited Mt. Everest as cameraman /medical officer, performed two unprecedented rescues in the Death Zone. Chief Medical Officer and rower for Team Arctic Row on Guinness Book of World Record crossing of the Arctic Ocean. He currently works with On-set safety and creative consulting services for major motion pictures such as The Outpost (2020) and for clients such as Nike, Stand Up To Cancer, the Sundance Channel, Warner Bros. Studios., etc. We are very happy to have him as part of the CPC team.

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  • Jaime
    Jaime Moises NP
    Nurse Practitioner

    Jamie Moises is our Certified Family Nurse Practitioner here at Complete Performance Center. He graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a master’s degree in the Science of Nursing--Family Nurse Practitioner in 2021, after having over 13 years of experience as a Registered Nurse. My goal is simple “help others find happiness.” I truly believe that this can be achieved by working towards wellness of the mind, body, and soul. What makes me happy is staying active at the gym, traveling and eating delicious food. Otherwise, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and hi two beautiful children. Jaime is a true sports lover and will often be love playing basketball or watching sports with his family, especially basketball. 

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  • irene
    ​Irene Ahmadi
    Front Desk and Federal Woker's Compensation

    Irene has been with Complete Performance Center since January 2020. She hasbeen a patient of DrChris for the past 10 years and found that her mindsetwas very similar with the approach CPC takes with all their patients; abalanced lifestyle that includes proper diet, regular exercise and greatchiropractic care. Irene is a key contributor to our day-to-day operationshere at Complete Performance Center.You will see her helping Nina at the front desk but mostly her dutiesrevolve around FederalInjury Centers patients as the Case Manager. So if you have any questionsregarding Workman’sCompensation claims be sure to reach out to her. She is our go to personwhen it comes to any federal workers compensation questions. In her sparetime Irene enjoys working out, readingand cooking.

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  • Virginie
    Virginie Bourgeais
    Massage Therapist

    Virginie Bourgeais is one of our massage therapists here at CPC. She specializes in deep tissue massage. Growing up in the southwest of France, Virginie was very in tune with nature, self-healing, and her physical wellbeing. She focused her attention on her academics and received a bachelor’s degree in science. Her path led her into aviation. After working in the field for a decade, she left aviation and moved to California with her husband. Virginie was always drawn to the healing arts and found her true passion was massage therapy. She loves to help people using natural means, she believes wellbeing is a byproduct of a body at peace. Working as a massage therapist for over 10 years she has seen many “miracles in her time” and believes that healing comes from within. She has an infectious enthusiastic energy to help people heal and reconnect with their body. Melding the mind and body into one is always her desire for her patients. Her specialty is slow deep detailed deep tissue muscle work. Schedule a massage today!

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  • Daniel Robles
    Daniel Robles
    Massage Therapist

    Daniel Robles is a CPC massage therapist who specializes in sports massage. He grew up in the Conejo Valley. He played soccer as a teenager and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from California State University of Fullerton. He is currently in graduate school at Penn West University for Exercise Science. He gravitated towards massage after being a physical therapy aid. As an aid he saw the ability to help patients using various methods. Using different modalities and techniques. Daniel reflecting on his PT aid experience has created his own unique method of soft tissue work. Often Daniel will incorporate various soft tissue and fascia tools to help his patients. It is common for him to use functional cupping, compressive bands (voodoo floss), and scraping tools in his soft tissue session. These tools are invaluable to his patient’s success and help speed up recovery. Whether you're looking to increase mobility, range of motion or just simply need relief from aches and pains of life, a session with Daniel will do just that. Daniel and his fiancé Hayley have a baby daughter Hazel that they love and adore. He spends most of his time loving and caring for his family. Daniel loves helping his patients and it shows. Schedule a massage today!

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