Adult Training Program

Our athletic trainers and fitness trainers are licensed and have experience in clinical and in the field. Clients range from amateur marathon competitors to professional major-league sports athletes. CPC offers one-on-one and small group fitness for general health or sports performance. These sessions include specific movement coaching and PRI-based strengthening and conditioning.

Athlete Development Program


Searching for an Athlete training program that works to train the entire body and boost performance? Then you are at the right place. We are much more than a sports medicine clinic. Our athlete development program has been training athletes since 2001. We hold true to scientifically proven methods to get results. Our workouts incorporate a holistic approach with an emphasis of not only boosting performance but preventing injuries.

Adult Training Program


We take the best parts of bootcamp style classes, which are traditionally high-energy and we weave strength training throughout to help adults of all ages achieve maximum results.

Our adult training program includes:

Full-Body Athletic Workouts
Maximum Fat Burning Methods (up to 1000 calories)
Building of Functional Muscle Strength
Mobility, Flexibility, and Recovery Focused Exercises
Energizing Training Experiences

The benefits of strength building, fat loss, improved mobility and flexibility, plus increased energy levels all come together to support your lifestyle needs. Best of all, it’s delivered through an unmatched high-energy training experience from top trainers keeping you motivated and inspired so you reach your goals.

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